Sunday, September 6, 2009

Application cover leter - recruitment trainee

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As there is no address (resumes are to be sent via email), I could not include the recipient’s address.


Lee You Tze (Ms)
Singapore 119081

7 September 2009

Application for the Post of Recruitment Trainee

I am writing with interest in applying for the post of recruitment trainee as advertised in I believe I am suited for this position as I possess a keen interest in human resources, zeal for learning as well as the relevant qualifications and skills.

I am a fresh graduate of the National University of Singapore with a degree in Life Sciences. Although I graduated from a life sciences program, I am highly interested in pursuing a career in human resources management because I enjoy working and communicating with people. Hence, during my study at NUS, I took modules in management and human resources from the NUS Business School.

Besides that, I have also gained valuable customer service experiences while working in the NUS Student Service Centre. I work very well in a team and am very self-driven when working independently or when working in a team. I have also gained leadership and event organisation experiences as core members of management committees and have successfully recruited and retained volunteers as a Volunteer Welfare Director.

Recruit Express is a leading human resources recruitment agency and has won accolades in this field. Being a dynamic company providing top notch staffing solutions and value-added services, Recruit Express ensures a stimulating and challenging working environment.

I am confident that I will be able to contribute to your company as I am a meticulous, motivated and highly organised person. I have the passion in providing quality customer service and bringing out the best in people.

I have included a letter of reference from my previous employee as well as a copy of my resume for your kind consideration. I will be glad to attend an interview with you at any convenient time and am contactable at 82827562 or I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Best regards,
Lee You Tze (Ms)


  1. Hey Yuzi (don't mind me, I think Yuzi is a nice short form for your name),

    Nice effort there :) What I like most about your letter is that you brought up how your experience is relevant to this job position, when you mentioned the recruitment of volunteers.

    However, one thing I find perhaps inappropriate is the use of the word "retained", cos it makes it seem as though you "forced" the volunteers to stay, which is definitely not what you would want the reader to think!

    Also, you may wish to establish a link between the 2nd and 3rd last paragraphs. This is because somehow, it feels as if something is missing and transition from 3rd to 2nd last paragraph was abrupt. Just a suggestion, you may want to write something like: "... ..., Recruit Express ensures a stimulating and challenging working environment. As such, I really hope to be a part of this dedicated company. This would in turn fuel my passion for ...". Then you could continue with the original 2nd last paragraph.

    Overall I think this is a good letter, just small little nitty gritties that i pointed out :)

  2. Hey Yuzi here comes my comment. Overall it is looks great but I think you can make improvement by strengthen discussion about your relevant skill. Give examples of some tough cases that you handled before to show your ability in this field. Also, I think you don't need to emphasis that you are "interest" or "keen" but enjoy working in this field. After all the employer is looking for someone to contribute.

    In addition, if you are selected for interview, it is wise to think about the of answer of "since you are so keen in this field why don't you major in it but Life Science"? I think value will be added if you able to answer this question well and confident.