Sunday, September 13, 2009

My personal statement

My interest in pursuing a career in human resource sparked when I was working as a telephone receptionist in the NUS student service centre. I discovered that I had the patience and passion for giving quality customer service and I found that I gain satisfaction from working with people, listening to them, and interacting with them. Hence, I also realised that my strengths lie in the business of people as I am a highly rational person but with a natural empathy for people, and it is in this field that I would be able to succeed.

I am a fresh graduate from the National University of Singapore. My degree is a life sciences degree, and I believe that studying life sciences had been useful for the career path I have chosen. This particular field of study has honed my eye for details, my writing skills, my patience in reading long journal papers, and most of all, my analytical ability. They would be highly useful for a career in human resources as I would require the patience and analytical ability when working with people. However, the most important ability that I have honed throughout my undergraduate career is the ability to continuously learn new things, and the patience and enthusiasm in learning. This is of utmost importance as I am embarking on a career that is different from my course of study.

Putting my studies in university aside, I have also been actively involved in co-curricular activities. From my first year of studies to my final year, I have only been involved in one particular organisation, which is NUSSU Volunteer Action Committee (NVAC). This shows that I am a highly loyal and committed individual. Throughout my involvement in the organisation, I have taken up many different portfolios including Project Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Volunteer Welfare Director and have also tried my hands in marketing. I have successfully recruited and retained volunteers when I held the position of Volunteer Welfare Director. The other portfolios I held gave me different types of experiences and insights into working with people of diverse backgrounds, mindsets and abilities, and I love the challenges that each posed.

As such, my job as a telephone receptionist, my undergraduate study and my involvements in NVAC has not only deepened my passion in a career in human resource, but has also prepared me adequately for the challenges in this field.


  1. Hi Yuzi,

    I think the structure of your personal statement is clear and organised. You have also touched on many desirable qualities that you possess.

    However, you may want to further elaborate on your experience to show that you have not only experienced the many involvements you were in, but that you reflected upon the things you did and learnt from them. I think the employer would be interested in how you have grown from your experiences.

    That aside, I like your personal statement as it is short and sweet. Just perhaps, a little bit more would be good :)


  2. Hi,

    Hey your biodata is a good read and I am impress by your many abilities that you constantly hone to close perfection.

    Nonetheless, it would be more convincing if you could reflect on the most important ability that you mentioned- ability to continuously learn new things. Like what CF has said, your employer would be interested to know what you have gained from the experiences.

    Overall, a job well done! :)