Sunday, November 8, 2009

My reflection on my oral presentation

I know...this is one week! But let's just pretend that I've spent one week reflecting on my oral presentation, and yes...I did reflect on it.

Well..looking back on my peer teaching oral presentation (on the topic of 'delivering good news and bad news') Christine mentioned that I was not very prepared, which is true. I sort of simply did it in a rather impromptu manner, with the false self-confidence that as long as I knew the material I was going to present, I would be able to breeze through it.
Apparently not...It was better for me to be prepared after all.

Let me recount the other two times I have made oral presentations in this semester (apart from the ones I did for this module).

The first one was actually right before the peer teaching oral presentation. I had to talk about the project I led to a lecture theatre full of people...and because I was rather nervous about it (due to the sheer size of the audience) and because I wanted to make a very good impression I actually did prepare...and wrote a script. Although in the end, I did not use the script I prepared, I was able to present very comfortably and smoothly.

The second one was during an interview for NOC. It was a group interview, and we were divided into two groups. We were given a business situation to solve (in 15 minutes) and then we had to take turns to present it on the spot. Obviously, I had close to no time to prepare for the presentation because the 15 minutes was used up before we realised it (we had to discuss it and write our ideas down on a sheet of 'mahjong' paper). Worse, we had only 5 minutes for the entire presentation, and since I was the last to could probably imagine that I had only a few seconds to make a good impression (because the rest of the time had been used up by the rest=/). My presentation was very impromptu and I simply said whatever I had in mind. Before I could even finish, however, the interviewer called 'time's up', not caring that I was mid-sentence. LOL! It was quite an experience...

Finally, we had the oral presentation for our proposal. I would say that our group did a pretty good job with research and all, and from what I could see, my team mates have presented very well.=)
As for me, I think this time, I spoke in a louder voice...and I think that I did a better job compared to my peer-teaching presentation. Also, because I could not use many slides...I couldn't do much with animations and all, but I hope my slides were not confusing.
The only thing is that I seem to be really horrible with the laser! Maybe it's better if I were to use a slightly simpler gadget in future. =P
However, I think that, maybe I could still improve on my speaking skills...hmmph...maybe inject a little bit more humour in my presentation..or maybe be slightly less self-conscious.

And...I'll make sure to wear proper shoes in future too!! Thanks, Christine...I'll take note of that! =)

Enough about what I think. What about you? What do you think of my presentation? I would appreciate any feedbacks. =D


  1. Yuzi!

    This has truly been a rollercoaster semester for you, hasn't it?

    I am proud of the work you have done for our presentations, as I feel that alot of times, I got carried away or caught up with my own stuff; you were always there to put things back in order :D

    I think you have done very well for both the presentations we had done together, despite the parts you mentioned in this post that you could have done better :) You were definitely self-assured when you presented, and I think your explanations were good as well.

    It was great working with you in this final presentation, as usual :D

  2. From what I see, you presented well. It is impossible for me to talk so much on the same slide if I were you.

    Despite you shown a bit of less prepared, you did conveyed the message effectively. It is our responsible as we did not notice that your part actually have to be expanded more for clarity. I think because both CF and I know what exactly you going to present but confusion might arise for others.
    Overall good job!