Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's the end of the module...

It really is true that time flies...I could still remember vividly the day when I opened my email inbox to find an advertisement for ES2007S, and my eyes almost popped right out of their sockets because that was precisely the module I needed!

It was so exciting to finally be able to decide on a module I want to take that I did not go very in-depth on what the workload and everything is. I suppose it was my usual over-confidence that things will turn out fun and wonderful. Besides, I would get to meet new why not?

I couldn't go for the first lesson because I had my rather frequent diarrhoea problem (sometimes I suspect that I have irritable bowel syndrome...I get it so easily =/). I was, therefore, pretty lost when I went for the second class.
Worse, it was during the second class that Boon Woei passed me a thick stack of papers bound together, and asked me to take a look. It said 'proposal' at the front...and I asked innocently, "...what is this? why do we have to look at it?..."
When he told me that we would have to do up a proposal for the module, I went "..OMG! S***!...I didn't know this..." I was quite upset because I took another module with a pretty heavy project at the same time, and I wasn't sure I would be able to handle the work.

But well...since I chose the module, I was not ready to give up at that point. Besides, I really did want to improve myself and I know nothing about writing a proposal, so I was thinking that it would be prefect for me (I know...I really am good at rationalising). =P

I admit it...there were times I enjoyed the module so much that I went " is worth it" and there were times when I went "...sigh..I chose the wrong module..again!".
The former is because of the many engaging sessions like the mock interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed being the!
The latter is because of the workload...and the days when I had skipped a whole night of sleep to finish the work. Thank goodness, my groupmates are really nice and understanding. I appreciate working with them a lot. =D

Having said that, I feel that all in all, the module was, is and will always be useful for me. I learnt a lot of things, especially about my strengths and weaknesses. I also learnt a lot about what business communication should be like...
Also, I find the stories Christine tells about the days she was in Australia and about her other experiences to be really enlightening.

Finally, the one very important thing that I gained by taking this module is friends. I know I'm not especially close with everyone, but I do enjoy being in the class with all of you, and I do wish that we could have had more opportunities to get to know each other better. Well...there is always facebook =P
I found a good friend in Chun Fong too...and surprisingly, we didn't only talk about the proposal and all the work-related stuff...we talked about many many other things besides. I hope that we'll still be friends even after this module...and hopefully for a long time =)
Also, I've had more chance to get to know Boon Woei. I knew him before this module because he's my boyfriend's friend (and no, I did not plan on taking the module with was a pure coincidence) but I never actually got to really know him. Well...I'm glad I did...=)

So...I am actually really glad I took this module...the benefits I gained has really been beyond academic. =)

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  1. Hi Yuzi!

    Yes, time really flies, and I would say, especially when you are in university. Like you, this semester has been truly fruitful for me, and I am glad I took up ES2007S as well :)

    Now I know why you looked so lost when you first came to class on the second lesson! Haha. But you caught up fast, and I must say you handled the workload really well though you had so many other things going on ;)

    And yes indeed, besides the useful skills we learnt from this module, we forged an unexpected friendship. I'm glad I got to know you and happy how we have come to become almost like sisters ;) Of course we will stay this way! :)))

    Finally, the crazy semester has come to an end. A pat on the back for you babe!